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They say the grass is always greener – and with Termiturf it really is

If you are looking for high-quality and long lasting artificial or synthetic grass in Australia, our synthetic grasses are precision engineered to look and feel like the real thing.


Our team has been in the business for more than 20 years, giving you peace-of-mind confidence that your lawn will be laid to perfection.


Advantages of Termiturf Artificial Grass

Why choose an artificial lawn?

Few homeowners have to cope with such arid and dry conditions as Australians do.

With restrictions on water, our most precious resource, homeowners often have to make tough sacrifices for dry, ugly lawns.


Fortunately, Termiturf offers home owners the option of having a healthy, vibrant, and green lawn all year round by supplying and installing the most realistic artificial grass on the market today.


Synthetic Lawn. Save water. Save time. Save money.

Termiturf offers different levels of service with our artificial grasses based on your needs. We can act as a supply and delivery for you to install or, for guaranteed results, let our turf experts also install your synthetic lawn. Our team can ensure a perfect and natural-looking installation the first time, every time.


Termiturf’s artificial lawns are not only a perfect solution for residential lawns, but also for commercial properties and public parks and reserves.


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We are proudly Australian owned and operated as a locally founded business. We offer a service promise backed up by our tried and tested quality control process. Imagine the lifestyle benefits of a lush green lawn all year round.


No watering. No mowing. Low maintenance.


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